Hichaud Coeur Flocon Bottes - Navy

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Our winter boots are the perfect antidote to our tough Canadian winters. Their rubber sole makes them waterproof. The nylon is water-resistant and wicks moisture out of the boot. The four-ply boot liner is removable for quick drying. The featherweight boots allows for easy movement in the snow.

Features and advantages:

  • Model with tongue that folds onto itself, even when boot is closed; this keeps the boot dry and makes it easier to slide foot in.
  • Sturdy nylon boot legs lined with polyester and a fabric that lets air through and wicks away moisture.
  • Velcro fastener for perfect adjustment.
  • Removable lightweight 4-ply quick-drying boot liner. Durable and provides excellent insulation and moisture control.
  • Comfortable even in extreme cold.
  • Removable insole. Made from recycled felt that provides superior insulation.
  • Synthetic rubber sole for a waterproof and lightweight boot.
  • Our boots use the same nylons as Perlimpinpin Inc., who design and produce snowsuits that are renowned for their resistance.
  • Large opening for easy foot insertion.
  • Replacement felt linings available.

Boot composition from the inside out:

  • Brushed nylon provides warmth and comfort and wicks away moisture.
  • Thermolite insulation ensures insulation 30% better than same weight of comparable wadding. This insulator remains effective even in wet weather.
  • Insulating foam allows air circulation while providing lightness and comfort. Your child will be walking on clouds.
  • A final layer of brushed nylon wicks away moisture.
  • Felt sole absorbs excess humidity from normal foot perspiration.
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