The story of             Laura-Jo

Laura-Jo originated more than 40 years ago with the sale of imported shoes for both men and women.

It was only after the birth of their children, Joey and Laura, that the Romano entrepreneurs specialized in children and baby shoes.


The Romano's interest in the shoe business was influenced by the children's grandfather who, in spite of the post war hardships, was a successful shoemaker in both the repair and production of hand made shoes. He shared his knowledge of the trade with his son who,today,continues to provide you with the service and attention you deserve.

Thus, even today, the owner of Laura-Jo shows the importance of proper fitting by providing the necessary adjustments and repair for your children's footwear.


The team at Laura-Jo is always available to answer your questions concerning the proper fitting of your children's needs.

In addition, Chaussures Laura-Jo offers one of the largest selection in quality children's shoes in the greater Montreal area.


Finally, Laura-Jo is proud to continue serving its clientele knowing it has the support and trust of podiatrists who often refer their patients to our store because of our expertise.